Domain name .NET only 0.9 € / year is a famous domain provider, they are promoting domain name registration .net just 0.9 €. This price is equivalent about $ 1 only. The program applies to register new domain names and can not be used to transfer or renew. Click button below to go to the promotion page: [coupon value=” Domain name .NET […] .COM Domain Registration only €0.9

Immediately after transfer promotion ended, new program also started and equally attractive, newly registered domain name .com only €0.9, the equivalent of about $1. This program starts on 9/10/2015 and i don’t know about the ended time. But i think it will be expired after i published this article so you should register as […] transfers Domain name .com / .net / .org just only $0.5/year

If you’re worried about domain renewal fee too high, please transfer to for just only $0.5 and of course added 1 more year. is a provider of ICANN domain name official and has been operating for a long time so we can be assured of registration. This program applies to all kinds of […]