NameHero Domain name .COM / .NET / .ORG just only $5.95

NameHero is a domain name, hosting provider, this provider is promoting for domain name only $ 5.95.


Registering new domain names .COM / .NET / .org just only $ 5.95 for the first year. NameHero accept payments using Visa / MasterCard or PayPal.

Click the button below to receive a discount code:

Coupon domain name $ 5.95

*** Each account can only be used once, and can use for domain transfer.

I’ve registered the domain name in this promotion, you must use a DNS bridge, domain can unlock easily and retrieve authentication code to transfer. The renew .COM price is $ 9.96 annually, quite pleasant.

When buying you should pay by PayPal, which activate immediately! If you have problems please contact the support by create a ticket.


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