HawkHost opens for Semi-Dedicated Singapore Hosting, Down 35% Off Lifetime

Due to the many requests received from users, HawkHost has decided to extended location in Singapore for Semi-Dedicated Hosting packages – High Quality Shared Hosting. You can also choose the location of Los Angeles, Dallas, and Washington DC Semi-Dedicated Hosting.


Semi-Dedicated Hosting at HawkHost is Shared Hosting packages, but those have higher configuration, load capacity than normally hosting. Specific comparative advantages of the Semi-Dedicated Hosting packages are as follows:

[go_pricing id=”hawkhost_semi_hosting”]

On the occasion of launching the new location, HawkHost has launched coupon discounts up to 35% lifetime Semi-Dedicated Hosting.

Click the button below to get the coupon code and sign up now:

35% Off Lifetime

*** Payment by PayPal or Visa / Master .

With configuration parameters higher, Semi-Dedicated Hosting fit the site has great visits, require more memory and CPU. As for small and medium sites, you just sign up as usual Shared Hosting, the current is up to 40% discount for first billing or 30% lifetime.

40% discount for first billing


30% discount lifetime

Good luck !


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