Welcome 13th birthday, Linode launched the biggest incentive program in history, doubling the RAM free for both old and new customers.


According to research by CloudHarmony, Linode is the 4th largest cloud service provider in the world, followed by Amazon, Rackspace and IBM. Up to now, there are more than half a million Linode customers, has nearly 12 million deployed servers.

If you are using the Service Cloud Server at Linode, feel free upgrade RAM immediately. The current plan is as follow:

[go_pricing id=”linode_birthday_double_ram”]

Click button below to go to Linode:

[coupon go=”https://highcoupon.com/go/linode” value=”GO TO LINODE NOW !”]

Actions carried out simple upgrade extremely, in Linode’s dashboard page you will see upgrade banner. Just click and everything is done automatically.

Wish you happy weekend.

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