RamNode, Black Friday 25% OFF VPS Recurring Discount

Ramnode is one of top VPS providers that I trusted in years. OpenVZ is very cheap, but extremely good quality, almost 100% uptime even with the cheapest package $ 15 / year. Remember this 25% discount will expire soon so that you should register as fast as you can, or you can use the coupon 10% discount for register later

If you’re looking for good VPS providers, can not be ignored Ramnode.


Ramnode rarely launch promotion, this time has a 10% discount coupon on New VPS, this is the current biggest discounts. 128MB RAM minimum package, 64MB VSwap, 80GB Storage normally costs $ 15 / year, now $ 13.5 only. I’m using this package and a bigger package to make VPS Backup.

Here are one of my current website statistics using at Ramnode VPS


And here are some Ramnode VPS Monitor


Click below to get the discount coupon:

RamNode 25% OFF VPS Recurring Discount
RamNode 10% OFF VPS Recurring Discount
RamNode 10% OFF VPS Recurring Discount

– Can pay by Paypal and Visa / Master in Ramnode. Coupon may expire soon so you can grab them for registration as soon as possible.
– First registration may be Pending or rejected. Create new ticket to get support through manual approved.


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