Ramnode opens its Shared Hosting service, which is down 25% lifetime coupon

Ramnode is one of top VPS providers that I trusted in years. OpenVZ is very cheap, but extremely good quality, almost 100% uptime even with the cheapest package $ 15 / year.

After many years of VPS and Server provider, Ramnode has expanded its business to Shared Hosting.


Most of the companies go from Shared Hosting and then expand to VPS / Server, but Ramnode is the funniest thing I’ve seen for the first time.

Currently on the Ramnode home page, there are only two plans that are available in the form of Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting, starting at $7 /month.

Ramnode Shared & Reseller Hosting

Plan Domains Databases SSL Storage Bandwidth Price Discounted
Shared Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 15 GB Unlimited $ 7 / mo $ 5.25 / mo
Reseller Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 100 GB Unlimited $ 14 / mo $ 10.5 / mo

Reseller Hosting is different from Shared Hosting that you can resell it by creating additional accounts. Managed Hosting using cPanel, hard drive using RAID-10 SSD should have quite a small capacity, the cost of buying up to $ 3 / GB / month. Hosted servers should be able to have these hosting packages with limited CPU resources, have more RAM than other Shared Hosting. You can choose 2 locations: Atlanta (US) and Netherlands (EU). In parallel with the launch of Shared Hosting, Ramnode has launched a 25% discount coupon for lifetime service.

Click the button below to get a coupon code and try now:

RamNode 25% OFF Shared & Reseller Hosting – Unlimited coupon usage time!

The VPS / Server service in Ramnode is very good, especially the OpenVZ packages that run on small and medium sites are always obsolete. If you have not had a chance to use Ramnode, you should try it once.

– Can pay by Paypal and Visa / Master in Ramnode. Coupon may expire soon so you can grab them for registration as soon as possible.
– First registration may be Pending or rejected. Create new ticket to get support through manual approved.


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