Vultr x2 your Credit up t0 $100 when funding your new account June 2016

Vultr VPS hosting has released a coupon for this June 2016 – Double your Vultr Credit when you’ve funded your new account. You can get up to $100 credit when you charged $100 credit = $200 available to use for 365 days. Its mean fund one credit and got one credit. This is a big chance for everyone, new customers want to use VPS Vultr.


For New customers

You’re new customers you’ve a chance to double your credit by funding some amount to Vultr account. Other wise, you can get free $52 trial VPS in 60 days. Of course, doubling credit would be more worth value than just free trial credit only works for 60 days.

So, Let’s see funding table below:

[go_pricing id=”vultr_double_funding”]

Of course, you can custom your amount of funding add to your new account.

*** This offer only for new account, new customers. Don’t try to open new account with the old credit card or old PayPal account if you’re existing customers. Vultr’ll suspend your account if they know you’re trying to fake their services.

Good luck !


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